Bulk material handling solutions

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STM around the world

In over 60 years, we have carried out successful projects in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Iceland, Niger and Indonesia.



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We add value to our clients and their projects with profitable and durable solutions

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Tailored, agile and expert solutions. We are a recognized OEM of Conveyor Systems for bulk materials.


Throughout every step of the project. From the feasibility study up to the commissioning.

Flexibility and Agility

Our experts place adaptability at the upmost importance for our engineered products in dynamic projects

Competitive Prices

Our vast experience, allows us to match the conveyor design to your project CAPEX.

What we do?

Our primary objective is to  support large-scale mining with the continuous transport of bulk material.

In-Plant conveyor

Overland conveyor

Ship loaders

Tripper conveyor

Belt feeder


High angle

Studies and repowering

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