Our solutions:

Our equipment is mainly used in the mining industry to transport all kinds of materials continuously and efficiently.

In-plant conveyor

• 18”-102” belt width.
• For handling primary crushing, pebbles, concentrated, agglomerated ore, tails, limestone, coal, ball mills, etc.
• Up to 20,000 TPH capacity.
• Motor Power from 1 HP up to 3000 HP.
• Plants with more than 30 different conveyors, up to 1500 m of total length.

Overland conveyor

  • Maximum length 2,500 m.
  • Regenerative Conveyors.

Belt Feeders

• Up to 124” belt width.
• The biggest belt feeder on the market: 10,000 TPH
• Preassembly and shop tested option.
• Design and supply of Hopper and spiles bars.

Tripper Conveyor

• Up to 84” of belt width.
• Up to 10,000 TPH of capacity.
• Including Positioning and control system.
• Over train tracks or tires.


• Up to 2,400 TPH of Capacity.
• Up to 46 Grasshopper with a Total length of 1,300m.
• Mining duty design.
• Acid environment design.
•Radial Stacker.
• Bridge Conveyor.

High angle

• Ball Mills.
• Coarse Ore.
• Tails from Tunnel Construction.

Ship loaders

• Shiploaders (up to 6,000 TPH).
• Stockpile Loading.
• Stockpile Reclaiming.

Studies and repowering

Basic Engineer.
• Repowering.
• Chute Revisions.

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